Suzuki Motor Corporation Privacy Policy

In accordance with its philosophy of respect for the individual, the Company takes great care in the handling of personal information. The Company's Personal Information Protection Policy, which is based on a keen awareness that handling personal information appropriately is one of its corporate social responsibilities, is disclosed below.

1. Scope of personal information handling

The Company acquires only the personal information necessary to execute its business. In addition, the personal information acquired is handled by the minimum necessary number of people.

2. Clarification of appropriate acquisition and intended use

The Company uses appropriate methods to acquire personal information. When acquiring personal information, the Company specifies the intended use as tightly as possible and notifies the person in question (meaning customers and other subjects of personal information; hereinafter the same shall apply) using the method prescribed (including announcements, etc. via the website).

*Also, please see here for the intended usage of personal information of customers and visitors to the website handled by the Company.

3. Usage within the scope of intended purpose

The Company uses personal information within the scope required to achieve the intended purpose notified to the person in question. Where the usage exceeds the scope of intended use, excluding cases based on laws and regulations, the consent of the person in question shall be obtained in advance.

4. Disclosure/provision to third parties

Except in the following cases, the Company does not disclose or provide personal information acquired by the Company to third parties.

1. When the person in question has consented in advance

2. When operations related to the handling of personal information have been consigned

3. When it is necessary for usage to be shared among Suzuki Group companies

4. When there are other reasonable grounds, such as those recognized by laws and regulations

*With regard to personal information subject to shared usage, refer to personal information of the Customer that is subject to shared usage.

5. Handling of sensitive information

Except in the following cases, the Company does not acquire, use or provide to third parties personal information relating to political opinion, beliefs (meaning religion, thought and articles of faith), membership of labour unions, race and ethnicity, familial origins and place of residence, healthcare, sex life, and criminal record (hereinafter, “sensitive information”).

1. When sensitive information is acquired, used, or provided to third parties with the prior consent of the person in question and within the scope required to execute the business of the Company, for the purpose of ensuring the appropriate operation of the Company

2. When sensitive information is acquired, used, or provided to third parties to the extent necessary for the transfer of rights and obligations, etc. under inheritance procedures

3. When other reasonable grounds exist, such as those recognized in laws, regulations and guidelines