Can any smartphone (mobile phone) be linked?
Please check the applicable model in "Connected device confirmation information(DEVICE COMPATIBILITY)".

Does iPod support?
Please check the applicable model in "Connected device confirmation information(DEVICE COMPATIBILITY)".

How do I use Android Auto™?
In order to use Android Auto™, it is necessary to install the Android Auto™ app on your Android smartphone from the Google Play store in advance. After the installation is complete, use the USB cable to connect your Android smartphone to the vehicle's USB socket.Touch the Android Auto™ icon displayed on the home screen to start Android Auto™. * When connecting for the first time, check your smartphone and touch the [Continue] button to start Android Auto™ automatically.

How do I use Apple CarPlay™?
Apple CarPlay™ can be used with two connection methods (USB, Wi-Fi).
For USB connection
Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your vehicle's USB socket. Touch the Apple CarPlay™ icon on the home screen to launch Apple CarPlay™. * At the first startup, Apple CarPlay™ will start automatically after the connection is completed.
For Wi-Fi connection
When using Apple CarPlay™ with a Wi-Fi connection, the connection between the main unit and iPhone is a Wi-Fi connection via Bluetooth, so turn on the Bluetooth function and Wi-Fi function on the main unit and iPhone side.
Please connect the main unit and iPhone with Bluetooth.
The Pop up "Are you sure you want to change the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings of this unit to ON to use Apple CarPlay?" will appear.

Is the USB cable used to connect the smartphone a display audio-only product?
It is not a display audio-only product. Please use a commercially available cable that can communicate data that matches the terminal of your smartphone. Depending on the product, data communication may not be possible (such as a charging-only cable).
Please check it by actually connecting.

Is it possible to charge a smartphone using the USB terminal?
The USB socket set in the vehicle can be used to play audio in a USB memory, iPod, or iPhone. It is NOT set for charging the smartphone. Therefore, it may not be possible to charge it depending on the product.
Please check it by actually connecting.

Can I watch YouTube on Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™?
You CANNOT watch YouTube (videos) on Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™.

Is there a terminal that outputs audio and video from display audio?
Some models have an audio output terminal but there is no video output terminal.

What shall I do, if Bluetooth™ related functions like Contacts, Calling, SMS viewing and Music Streaming etc. are not working properly?
These features are phone dependent. The behavior might vary depending upon Phone OS version and the apps used. Please check the relevant settings on your phone

I am unable to connect new device for Wireless CarPlay™ / Android Auto™.
This could happen when multiple phones are paired for Wireless CarPlay™ / Android Auto™ feature in the paired device list.
Try deleting old phone(s) from paired device list and try again.